Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lost Winter in Mumbai

It’s almost mid-November and longings and anxiety for winter are hitting my nerves. Of course who doesn’t want to welcome cold with closed arms!

But for various reasons Mumbai is still as hot as possible. My list of culprits include global warming, population on planet earth (blame on the 1 minus seven billion - others), geography design which marks Mumbai not very far from the Tropic of Cancer. Anyways in my endeavor to not take things on face value and put a good fight, this time around I have decided to fight for my right to experience the cool weather. And therefore was on lookout for some innovative ways to keep my house cool. Below is a list of few unique methods, which I came across while researching on Google. I hope to benefit my FB friends and public in general from these.

1) Put a vessel filled with water under the curtains, such that the curtain cloth is in constant touch with the water. The lesser the density of fabric, the more will be the fluid flow. You can infact do experiments on various fabrics and then recall memories of engineering labs.

2) Keep a bowl of ice cubes under the ceiling fan. This will ensure that the circulated air gets cooled off and in-turn cools your home.

3) Don’t eat large quantities in one sitting. Eating more will lead to rise in body temperature, which is required to burn the food intake.

4) Before sleeping at night, slip one or two ice cubes between bed sheets. This will take away the discomfort completely.

5) Smart planning. Instead of work from home, go to office; go for shopping, watch the latest Bollywood 3D movie, go to galleries – during the hottest time of the day.

And don’t forget to tell me which method worked the best for you, along with my fees in lieu of this advice. After all I have to foot my air conditioner bill.

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