Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stretch your limits

Why is it that everytime when I become complacent, or feel thoroughly content with what I have got; I come across something which makes me feel that there is more to be seen. to be read, to be thought and yes to be done.

Not that I am cribbing about this "constantly on the move" attitude as a pain. But yes, this feeling does leaves me with a certain sadness that is beyond explanation. It's like taking away the feeling of joy about one's achievemnets and yearning for more; that "thoda aur".

The only solution which makes sense is that this is what is human, so accept it and may be use this as a wonderful opportunity to Stretch Your Limits!
Welcome to my Sunday Blog:)

After more than 2 years of home cooking, I really really admire my mother for dishing out those lovely breakfasts, lunhces and dinners (and snacks in between:) to me for a whole lot of 22 years. That's really incredible. Coz I have already ran short of receipes and cannot think of making any good dish for myself (leave aside the lovely husband who eagerly waits for some cool dishes to churn out from the kitchen!)

Hats off to you mom.