Friday, October 14, 2011

of Karva Chauth and sacrifices.....

Though I hate to admit, but at times I really like the 'sati savitri' types bahu, who would go to any length to fulfill her duties for her family (here 'family' invariably means only the other side - i.e. husband and in-laws; wonder where and how does the ex-family completely goes out of picture post marriage). Let me be more precise. What I LIKE is - the costumes (sari, bangles, bindi etc.etc.), the festivities, food, home decor and so on. That is the reason why I really wanted to keep the Karva Chauth fast, today. I almost imagined myself keeping a day-long fast sans any food and water - and at the end of the fast getting a beautiful (read expensive) gift from hubby dear! I also took some notes on how to survive without these essentials from my friends. I tried watching some more saas-bahu serials to learn the do's and dont's.
But alas, a morning bed tea, served by my husband, was good enough for me to simply forgo these sacrifices and also the gifts. Afterall, where is the time to fast, when there is so little time to eat-drink-together:-)

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