Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Indian Wedding: Another Opportunity lies ahead!

We wonder whether the movies are a reflection of the society or the society emulates what is shown on the celluloid screen. The recent exorbitantly hyped wedding of the Bollywood's power couple has once again raised the question. As a newspaper today read "Abhiash wedding video rights bags 5 Cr from an entertainment company", I wonder whether the power couple or the more powerful couple folks have recently gone through the 2005 Juhi Chawala starrer "7 1/2 phare" wherein the pretty lady who plays a newspaper reporter convinces a middle class Delhi family to broadcast the Shaddi in their house for publicity and some easy bucks in return. The Bachhans are supposedly doing the same though still describing the whole show as a "private and family affair". This is a sheer gesture of ultimate hypocricy or may be the stars have become so larger than life that nothing about them has the right to be "private".

The great Indian Wedding story has been selling around for the last may be generations, be it in the Barjatya films or the grand Balaji sets. Therefore, this is bound to open up a big untouched market and the Bachhans should have possibly patented the business model because even if it is replicated for n number of times, it will still succeed. So in times to come we will track how much our neighbours, colleagues, friends weddings attract. The impact could be huge considering the sheer amount of rivarly the weddings will attract given the fact people alredy tend to compare a lot about services and goods used in each others marriages. I wonder why the big shaddi happened so late because I have lost the opportunity to cash in on my marriage which took place in 2005 and has made it a NPA by now. Oops!!!

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